Operations Coordinator

POSITION: Operations Coordinator

REPORTS TO: Director of Finance and Operations and Senior School Vice Principal – Student Life

This position involves applying project management and technical knowledge to school renovations and facilities related projects. This position also supports all risk management activities. The Operations
Coordinator reports to the above and works closely with the Facilities Manager. The allocation of time between facilities and risk related activities will vary during the year. This position must be available to attend meetings early in the morning or in the evening and must be flexible to respond to urgent events.
This position can be assigned to support other activities as needed (i.e. school trips).
Facilities Projects Coordinator
I. Project Planning

• Liaise between various stakeholders involved with project design; schedule meetings with architects, consultants, contractors, staff, etc. Coordinates activities for the consultative process with facility users, architects, trades, and senior management during the planning phase of projects.
• Create project schedules; develop and monitor project timelines; monitor expenditures and budgets.
• Record meeting minutes; keep detailed project notes and records.
• Track and manage digital and paper files (e.g. drawings, notes, minutes, correspondence).
• Keep team members and stakeholders updated on progress and issues; manage information flow between all stakeholders.
II. Project Execution
• Coordinate meetings with architects, consultants, contractors, and school leadership to ensure that the interest and needs of the school are reflected in the final project.
• Coordinate contract documentation and administer contracts including correspondence, plans and specifications, approval documentation, notices of changes, change orders, contractual notices and invoices.
• Provide computerized financial record keeping of ongoing projects by reviewing and approving invoices, preparing and maintaining detailed project cost reports showing commitments, expenditures and available or received funding.

• Assist with tracking projects expenses to ensure projects end within the authorized budget.
• Keep team members and stakeholders updated on progress and issues; manage information flow between all stakeholders.
Risk Management Coordinator
• Support an ongoing enterprise risk management program with staff and community.
• Review annual hazard assessments.
• Determine how to effectively minimize risk and ensure risk management protocols are followed.
• Support the Chair of the Risk Management Board Committee.
• Strong analytical skills to review risk statements, risk registers and statements of risk.
• Coordinate all matters of Risk Management and safety in the school. This includes supporting the Risk Management Committee, establishing a climate of Risk Enterprise and updating the Risk Registry and Risk Handbook. The Risk Management Coordinator is responsible for collecting, reviewing and responding to all incident reports and providing updates regularly to the Chair of the Risk Management Board Committee.
• Assist in the approval process for trip documentation Risk Management protocols on all school trips, outdoor education including pre-trip planning, site inspections, critical incident/emergency issues during work or off work hours.
• Monitor all operational risk management activities.
• Collect supporting documentation on risks and updates to risk register to the Chair of Risk Management Board Committee in preparation of the annual Risk Management Board Presentation in May.
• Member of CIRT (Critical Incident Response Team).
• Member of OHS (Occupational Health and Safety Team).
• Work with school nurses to review and update procedures with severe medical conditions and/or medical incidents.
• Coordinate training for all risk management related professional development with school faculty and staff.
• Two years’ operations experience in a complex environment preferred.
• Ability to communicate effectively and to establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, school and maintenance staff, consultants, city inspectors and others.
• Project Management experience an asset.
• Experience reading construction blueprints an asset.
• Familiarity with construction permitting processes an asset.
• Ability to work well independently as well as part of a team.
• Ability to work well under pressure and tight timelines.
• Excellent time management skills; ability to prioritize tasks and manage deadlines.
• Developed interpersonal and communication skills.

• Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Project, Outlook or equivalent and excellent applications aptitude and collaborative tools such as OneNote, SharePoint, Google documents.
• Ability to work well independently as well as part of a team.
• Ability to work well under pressure and tight timelines.
• Professional, personable and flexible.
• PMI certification or equivalent (in progress or completed).
• Experience with risk registry.
• Experience with Business continuity planning.