Aerospace Project Manager

Aerospace Project Manager
Job Summary
Reporting to the Director of Engineering, the Project Manager’s role is to help ensure all project
deliverables are completed on time and on budget by completing all the necessary project management
activities. These activities include progress reports on: budget, milestone events, technical progress,
resource availability, procurement issues and roadblocks as well as responsibility for conducting internal
and external meetings, coordinating activities between departments and, completing all the project
management administrative activities required by internal procedures and the customer contract.
Roles and Responsibilities
• Coordinate multi-disciplinary projects from contract award, through execution and delivery of
the initial product order, adhering to all company procedures and project-specific contractual
terms and conditions;
• Be the focal communication point across all departments and external stakeholders to plan,
track, coordinate, facilitate meetings and document all activities and the progress of
• Lead / facilitate formal project presentations, PDR/CDR meetings, progress update meetings and
internal management meetings including generating agendas and minutes for each meeting;
• Work with stakeholders to proactively manage/mitigate all known risks throughout the project;
• Coordinate responses to customer enquiries / requests;
• Coordinate the activities of project stakeholders to achieve the project deliverables per the
agreed to timeline;
• Pro-actively monitor the progress of deliverables with project stakeholders, and if milestones /
targets are at risk develop recovery plans;
• Coordinate and document agreed to changes in the scope of work, timeline and budget as
necessary throughout the project;
• Assess the implementation support needs, provide the appropriate support resources, recognize
and resolve implementation issues, measure progress and ensure that the overall
implementation plan is met, and the intended results are achieved;
• Monitor actual project costs and labour effort against the budget and provide update reports on
a regular basis;
• Other related duties as assigned by the Director of Engineering.