Project Manager - Industrial Construction Division

Lead a team in the areas of planning, directing, coordinating, scheduling, and budgeting, in relation to the construction and maintenance of industrial structures, facilities, and systems. Participate in the conceptual development of a construction project including estimating as assigned and oversee the organization, scheduling, implementation, and execution of the assigned project(s).

  1. Reports to Client’s Project Manager and to Gisborne’s Senior Project Manager
  2. May be required to prepare an estimate for project(s) assigned or assist estimator assigned to the project(s)
  3. The project Manager is responsible for ensuring the successful completion of the project with regards to cost, schedule, safety, quality, and customer satisfaction. To be the leader and manager of the project and ensure that everyone knows what is expected of them and that their performance meets Gisborne’s expectations. Interface with the client at the project manager level. Keeps Gisborne’s Operations Manager abreast of the status of the project
  4. Understand the scope and project requirements.  Interpret and explain contract and subcontracts
  5. Responsible for organizing and leading the internal kick-off meeting (ensure that all understand their follow up items and that people are following the plan) and quarterly reviews
  6. Ensure sure site labour agreement is in place
  7. Review, approve, negotiate, sign off on all major commitments i.e., subcontractors, bulk orders
  8. Ensure subcontracts are in place
  9. Ensure billing procedure with subcontractors is as per client’s and or Gisborne’s requirements.  Review all Subcontractors invoices and sign off on invoices and any change orders
  10. Set up billing procedure with Client and ensure that Accts Receivable has this information and that they are following it.  Review all invoices before they are sent to the client
  11. Oversee and approve the budget breakdown and insertion into accounting software
  12. Ensure manpower loaded schedule, s curves, and PF graph are created, managed, updated, and used to track progress and improve performance.
  13. Work with the project team to ensure that projections and the schedule are being updated
  14. Work with the project team and assist them as needed (i.e. manpower, clerk, tradesmen, client issues, etc).  Communicate daily with the project team and make sure the daily journals are being filled out, timesheets submitted to head office, and MPRs being filled out properly and sent in to head office regularly (weekly).  Make sure that the project team is working the plan and schedule efficiently and effectively
  15. Be part of the constructability process
  16. Be part of the process that determines what is subbed and what is self-performed
  17. Ensure the site safety and quality plan are developed and implemented
  18. Communicate and enforce organization chart and division of responsibilities
  19. Ensure that scope changes are identified, priced, submitted to the Owner and Change Orders received
  20. Attend meetings with client
  21. Ensure coordination meetings with project team and subs are held and minuted
  22. Ensure that a contract is in place
  23. Ensure that tools, equipment, office are set up and on site as required
  24. Review with the Operations Manager equipment to be purchased
  25. Make sure all project wrap-up documents are in place and stored
  26. Ensure a wrap up meeting occurs and is minuted
  27. Maintain a journal
  28. Make sure project offices are set up and have the correct tools
  29. Ensure there is a complete filing system onsite including contract etc.
  30. Submit biweekly reports to Client and Head office
  31. Submit biweekly invoice to Client and Head office
  32. Determine labour requirements and ensure proper dispatch procedure in place
  33. Obtain all necessary permits and licenses
  34. Direct, supervise and oversee the training of the workforce as required
  35. Ensure that material, supplies, equipment are ordered properly and delivered in a timely and efficient manner
  36. Take actions to deal with the results of delays, bad weather, or emergencies at the construction site
  37. Evaluate construction methods and determine the cost-effectiveness of plans
  38. Ensure payment in full for the contract price including all accumulative changes and credits, etc.
  39. Develop a positive working relationship with the Owner and Engineer to ensure a cooperative attitude on site and to encourage repeat business
  40. Continuously market Gisborne’s services to try and increase revenue
  41. Recognize competent subordinates worthy of promotion and be abreast of position vacancies to ensure staff progression
  42. Coordinate, manage and communicate with all subcontractors and effectively deal with problems such as delivery, labour, schedule, and payment disputes
  43. Maintain a good working knowledge of unions, their agreements, and stipulations.
  44. Manage the project cash flow position and prepare Project Manager Reports accurately and timely for submission to the Operations Manager
  45. Issue change orders and back charges
  46. Answer all RFI’s from subcontractors and submit and track RFI’s to the Owner/Client
  47. Issue site instructions and log
  48. Generate Change Orders for subcontractors
  49. Ensure that we receive Change Orders from the Owner
  50. Make sure that the site instruction, RFI, change order log is maintained and updated. 
  51. Ensure the submittal process is in place and being implemented
  52. Ensure a procurement status report is being updated and maintained
  53. Ensure that subcontractors have current WCB and Insurance
  54. Ensure time is submitted accurately and timely
  55. Ensure that costs are coded accurately and timely
  56. Ensure that an MPR log is developed and maintained
  57. Ensure that a maintenance program is developed and implemented
  58. Ensure that the warehousing/receiving program is developed and implemented
  59. Ensure that As-Builts are up to date and accurate
  60. Ensure that employee evaluations are performed and submitted to Head Office
  61. Ensure document control is being performed
  62. Motivate and reward the  project team
  63. If required, discipline the project team
  64. Ensure community involvement plan is developed and implemented
  65. Apply innovative and effective management techniques to maximize employee performance and to maintain good project morale
  66. A thorough understanding of corporate and industry practices, processes, standards, etc. and their impact on project activities is vital 
  67. Maintain proficiency in computer systems and department software

Perform other duties as assigned or assumed on personal initiative with approval from manager